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With an emphasis on conserving our fishing resources we at Hold the Line strive to give our guests a world class fly fishing experience. We aim to teach our clients proper fly fishing techniques including catch and release, how to hook and fight these powerful creatures, proper fish handling, and etiquette. We at Hold the Line lean towards traditional fly fishing techniques. Spey rods and switch rods can be very advantageous on many of our waters. While nothing can beat the explosive take of a Steelhead or Smallmouth Bass on a tight line, we have also mastered a variety of nymphing and other non-traditional techniques. Having this arsenal at our hands we can cover a variety of water, and drastically increase our odds of hooking fish. We would love to share our knowledge and teach you our many tricks of the trade. 

Western New York is home to world class rivers, streams and creeks that can offer some of the best Steelhead and Lake Run Brown Trout fishing. Cattaraugus Creek offers stunning scenery along with amazing fishing opportunities. The Lower Niagara River offers you the chance to hook the fish of a lifetime all while surrounded by the beauty of the Niagara Gorge. We also guide many of the areas smaller creeks and streams including Chautauqua, Canadaway, 18 Mile and many other lesser known waters throughout Western New York.

Located only  a short drive from Buffalo, NY Cattaraugus Creek, Lower Niagara and many of our streams offer anglers a chance to catch the fabled steelhead all while taking in Western New York's stunning beauty.

Your Hosts

Christopher Finitz

New York State licensed guide and co-owner of Hold the Line Outfitters Fly Fishing Guides. Christopher is a resident of Lewiston, NY a husband, father and a Captain for the Niagara Falls Fire Department. With a passion for fly fishing Christopher enjoys exploring the Western New York creeks, rivers, and streams. With a focus on lake run species including steelhead and smallmouth bass, he is a dedicated guide who strives to teach his clients the tactics and skills he has acquired through his dedication. Christopher has put many miles on his car and his wading boots learning the in’s and outs of our local waters. His passion has driven Christopher to learn about fish behavior, and develop unique tactics needed to put fish in the net; especially in tough conditions.

A lifelong angler, outdoor enthusiast, and licensed NYS fishing guide Phil has extensive knowledge of our local waters. Phil has used his years of traditional gear fishing knowledge to develop his fly fishing style. Phil has extensive knowledge on fish behavior, which leads to his success as a guide.  Phil also known as the "weather man" on account to his highly accurate weather predictions, and how they will affect fishing. 

Phil Sirianni

Hold the Line Outfitters fly fishing

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